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Being your childs snack SERVANT

My kids "can I have a snack?" me to death on the daily. Part of the time I just want to chunk something at them so they'll leave me alone but I have a kid that struggles with opening packages on their own. In search of a solution not only to solve trash not ending up in our floor but also that wouldn't lead to another problem single use plastic bags I discovered a way to help my kid independently open his own snacks. Reusable snack bags! I made up a couple to see how my buddy would react to them and not only was he able to open the snack bag with ease he knew to put them on the kitchen counter once they were empty or set them on his table. Whenever he wants a snack he brings me the bag and I simply fill it up from the bulk snack we buy. We even use them on the go. When I know we'll be away from the house I throw some snacks into the bag and we're good to go. I use them when packing his lunch for school as well. After its been used we dust it out or throw it in the wash depending on the contents to be reused again. I suggest not leaving items that stay fresher in air tight containers in the snack bags because they'll harden faster as the bags aren't air tight. Check out our select prints


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