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Being your childs snack SERVANT

My kids "can I have a snack?" me to death on the daily. Part of the time I just want to chunk something at them so they'll leave me alone but I have a kid that struggles with opening packages on their own. In search of a solution not only to solve trash not ending up in our floor but also that wouldn't lead to another problem single use plastic bags I discovered a way to help my kid independently open his own snacks. Reusable snack bags! I made up a couple to see how my buddy would react to them and not only was he able to open the snack bag with ease he knew to put them on the...

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Felt Puzzles

These fun felt puzzles are great for the whole family, stocking stuffers, or birthday parties. Look for them in the coming week. If theres a particular style you want available let us know. Follow us on our socials @almondjoiofficial to get sneak peeks before anyone else. Shop our current catalog now 

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Felt Dolls

I have a couple of items ITH (in the hoop) I've been working on. Here's a preview of our felt dolls. They will be about 7in tall. We will offer a variety of styles and each will come with their own outfit. I'll have them listed on the website SOON so check back. In the meantime you can still purchase our farmhouse finger puppet set. If you want to take part in naming the dolls head on over to our FB group and follow us on TikTok to see the being made!

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Our current product selection has shifted from hair accessories to more gender neutral products. As my business grows I want to be able to include all tiny humans in our journey and not exclude. So if you're wondering when bows will be back in stock for the forcible future we have halted bow production. Thank you all for your support. If you have any product suggestions feel free to hit our DMs.

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Upcoming Products

We plan to offer a few things for the holiday seasons in our shop so stay tuned! Currently we have been working on a couple of Spooky Season and The Most Wonderful time of the year themed puzzles. If you want a sneak peak of these items watch our stories or follow us on TikTok for the reveal of Frankie and Rudolph.

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